Satakodi Archana Impacts


A comprehensive scientific analysis of the impact of Sathakoti Archana on pollution, climate, health, plant growth, nutritional value of the food produced in Krishipooja etc. was envisaged and led by a panel of experts using instruments such as the Kirlian camera, air pollution monitors and so on. The results recorded have been striking.

Archakas belonging to different classes with respect of age, sex, general health, educational and marital status, socio-economic level etc. were subjected to repeated assessments of their health condition. Almost every subject registered an extra-ordinary level of improvement in whichever area they have been found wanting – physical, mental or spiritual.

Apart from such influences as increased levels of haemoglobin, regulation of blood pressure, relief from anxiety, tension etc., which were found to be common among the participants, there were several notable illustrations for the specific therapeutic effects of the Mahayajna – such as on intractable forms of asthma, sinusitis, anemia, depression, hypertension and even diabetes. People who had decided to commit suicide have, after participating in Sathakoti Archana, found themselves coming back to life with a new vigor and vitality competent enough to face the trials and tribulations of the highly competitive world.The inhabitants of the village living around the ashram also enjoyed a more peaceful time, a healthier climate and a cleaner environment. Overall the penetrating influence of the Mahayajna on the personal as well as the cosmic realms should serve as an eye-opener to the doubting and distrustful.


Sahasrakoti Archana from its very beginning till the culmination witnessed the miraculous manifestations of the Divine. There was also shower of blessings from Gurupadar and the Divine Mother to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstructions at various stages of the 215 days long conduct of the Mahayajna.

Even during the initial stage of constructive work the Sathakoti Archana Mahayajna bore the touch of Divine blessings. The wooden scaffolding used as supports for concreting the roof of the circular Pradakshina Mandapam of 600 feet perimeter were removed mere three days after the laying of the concrete as opposed to the usual 17-21 days required for the concrete to set in. Though the decision had been necessitated by the constraints of time the finished buildings stand as a sturdy testimony for the graceful abundance of the occasion.

Through the monsoon season beginning in June till the end of Sathakoti Archana in August it poured in torrents all around. Whereas, Mother Nature was highly compassionate on the devotees and spared the Ashram premises from heavy rains allowing for the convenient conduct of the Mahayajna till its culmination.

Another instance of the divine blessings at work was experienced while chartering the special train to bring Sadguru Narayan Maharaj and the entourage of 1500 devotees from Pune. In normal circumstances it takes a minimum of 180 days to sanction the special train, but in this case it took less than 15 days to obtain the sanction. One of the Archakas from Uthar Pradesh happened to know a former Railway Board member from Bihar. Through this noble soul who spared all his will and resources at his command the sanction was obtained from New Delhi. The extra-ordinary efforts taken by the concerned officers in Central Railway Headquarters at Mumbai to get the compartments organized from Bhopal and reach them to Pune in such short notice bears testimony to the Divine instrumentation at its best. The quirk of events through which Rs.16 lakhs required for the train was arranged is too baffling to describe.

If the above are the indications of the active presence and support of the Divine Grace for the Mahayajna there were two instances when the Divine Grace manifested itself: Darshan of Lord Dattatreya and Holy Descent of the Divine Mother as Jyoti-swaroopini (in the form of a brilliant and lustrous light) from the skies above.


It happened on the seventh day after the arrival of the historic train that carried the 1500 devotees and Sadguru Narayan Maharaj from Sri Kshetra at Narayanpur. I was end of summer and there was shortage of water. So volunteers were bringing water from a granite quarry situated two kilometers from the Ashram. On May 28, 2000 in the dead of the night at around 2 a.m. the volunteers of the water-supply-teams had this horripilating vision of an unearthly form of a mendicant about 60 feet tall, walking along in the company of a cow and four dogs of similar proportions. They did not feel any fear but felt complete peace at heart.

Though they had no clue on who has manifested in front them they knew what it meant. The previous night the Brahmachari of the Ashram who was looking after the water supply had cautioned them about the un-auspiciousness of the time they were in the quarry. He had also assured them that they were under total protection of the Divine and suggested that they keep a devout state of mind while at work. They promptly reported this matter to the same Brahmachari. After hearing their description the he produced a painting in front them. All of them shouted at once in one voice: “This is the form we saw.” It was the picture of Lord Dattatreya along with the cow and four dogs. The matter was reported to both Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi and Sadguru Narayan Maharaj who confirmed it was Lord Dattatreya who gave Darshan to the volunteers.

After the sunrise the news about the manifestation of “Gurudeva Datta”, the reigning deity at Sri Kshetra at Narayanpur, spread like wild fire amongst the devotees from Narayanpur. The volunteers were literally mobbed! Everyone wanted hear about it directly from them. Some devotees touched their feet! Some took photographs with them!! The volunteers enjoyed the attention they were receiving, albeit with humility.

It is in this atmosphere charged with devotion, disappointment and fervent expectations that the Divine Mother manifested as a brilliant and lustrous light in less than forty-eight hours.


Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Tiruvadikal describing the Holy Descent of the Divine Mother in the form of a brilliant Jyoti through the center of the Jyotikshetram.

It was the eve of May 30, 2000. The devotees were still discussing about the Darshan of Lord Dattatreya during the intervals between Archana sessions. It was the time of load shedding for the electric supply. Except for the Archana mandapam and the surroundings lit up by the power from a generator it was pitch dark. The pradakshina mandapam of Jyotikshetram was reverberating with the chants of Lalita-sahasra-nama. At around 8.30 p.m. as the Archakas completed a round of Archana they heard shouts of children playing in the sands outside. “Look up. Look up.” They all got up and looked up.

They witnessed a JYOTI (brilliant and lustrous light) descending from miles above. Chants of “Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”, “Gurudeva Datta” and “Jai Mata Di” filled the atmosphere.

The Divine Mother descended as Jyoti-swaroopini at the centre of the Jyotikshetram amidst the chants, the folded hands and the eyes filled with the tears of ecstasy.

SHE descended to a height five feet above the ground and vanished. The chants became more intense and fervent. As if in response JYOTI appeared again brilliant and lustrous and ascended skywards. As it reached the point of origin it vanished again. Again the chants became feverish and SHE appeared again and slowly descended as in the first time to the same spot and disappeared only to appear again and ascend. The Divine Mother repeated Her descent and ascent three times. Then SHE disappeared to the heavens above.

All those present were gripped with ardent devotion and the chants of the Holy Names went on and on. People came rushing from as far away as five kilometers to the Ashram to enquire about what they had just witnessed only to join in the chanting which went on until the evening Arathi.

His Holiness Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi Thiruvadikal had weathered enormous hardships and surmounted enormous difficulties to make the Sathakoti Archana a reality. His Holiness’ sankalpa of the Mahayajna as an antidote to the Vasundhara Yoga and other calamities that befell our Sacred Land Bharath bore fruition on that eve.

According to His Holiness the JYOTI was so bright and penetrating that His Holiness could see the network of the leaves in their shadow! So luminous and penetrating a light!! Yet nobody felt any heat!!!