Jagadguru Swami Sathyananda Saraswati

SWAMIJI was born on september 25 1933 at Andoorkonam in Thiruvanamthapuram The eariler name of Swamiji was Sekharan . During boyhood he worshiped at Panimoola Devi temple where he had celestial vision of Lord Krishna.While working in a private school as teacher he experienced mental stir and finally decided to leave for Hrishikesh . But before his departure Swamiji was summoned by Brahmasree Neelakanta Gurupadar who convinced him that God resides in one's own mind. After the Mahasamadhi of the Gurupadar Swamiji took up the work putting into practice his divine ideals

Even before he resigned his job as teacher Swamiji was dissolved the SREE RAMA DASA TRUST and founded SREE RAMA DASA MISSION to propagate the Hindu ideals of Sanadhana Dharma with perticular emphasis on the orginal contributation made to it by Gurupadar.Beside upholding the sanathana Dharma the Mission aims at evolving a social cultural financial system. The co-ordination of various Hindu religious units,interpreting correctly the historical and cultural heritage of India, reassessing and propagating the cultural importance of Vedas and epics in order to eliminate their misinterpretation already done and envolving a system of education which combines in itself the values traditational Indian culture and modren scientific approach and technology are other programs of the Mission .The Mission had separate organisation for Women,youth and children It has a separate publication wing and several educational organisations under it .

Swamiji installed the idol of SREE RAMA in the Kodanda posture and that of SITA at Chadayamangalam (a place 45 Kilometers north of Thiruvananthapuram) .The activies of Mission assumed the form of a hindu resurretion movement when Swamiji installed idols SREE RAMA, SITA, ANJANEYA, SIVA, NAGARAJA ETC,at palukachimala hill in northern Kerala where an ancient Hindu temple had existed. Some of the idols mutilated by miscreant were re-consecrated. The recognition Swamiji recived in socity enable him thwart the attempt maid by the fanatic christian priesthood to constructed a church through questionable means in the precincts of the Mahadeva temple at Nilackal situated along the road of Sabrimala and belived to the garden land of Lord Ayyappa. Before long another attempt was made to humble the Hindus with tacit consent of the Ministry. A rostrum using steel girders and concrete pillars, described as temporary was sought to be raised for the Pop's visit at Thiruvanathpuram Beach exactly in the place where the ARAT (idol immersing ceremony)of SREE PADMANABHA SWAMY TEMPLE Performed twice in year over centuries.The Hindus protested under the leadership of Swamiji and as a result the rostrum was removed after Pop's visit Swamiji organised a convention of Hindu Spritual leaders in April 1983 and conducted a procesion in connection with it from Kannur in the north Kerala to Kanyakumari in the south. Swamiji conducted several tours in and out side of India to propagate the ideals of the Mission .

Swamiji who is president of the "Haindava Ekatha Samaj" is also the spiritual leader of Kerala Pulayar Mahasabha.At the national level swamiji is the executive member of "Marg Darsak Mandal" and" Sree Rama Janmabhoomi Nyas Manch"Swamiji has rivetted his attention with success on explaining correctly the vedas and their principles.The thousand of speeches of long duration delivered by swamiji has been instrumental in checking distortion of the vedas by westerners and vested interest in india.He has subjected the Hindu conventions which were followed and sometimes ignored without understanding them and also interpreted them to incisive analysis by pointing out their sciientic basis.The searching mind of swamiji has reached innumerable tenets of Sanathana Dharma which have eluded the attention of eminent scholors of hindu philosophy and which otherwise would have been lost to indian civilization.Swamiji has written several small but thought provoking books besides devotional poems.Some of the book like "Sivathandavam", "Gurusakalpam" and "Chaturvarnyam" are particularly conspicuous.The dialectic adopted by swamiji in his speeches and books in such that nobody has till now attempted to counter it.The inimitable oratorical style combined with his unlimited scholarship and divine brilliance of hermitage have kept the audience speelbound for hors together.The Sree Rama Leela and Sree Rama Navami celebrations in Thiruvanamthapuram and other part of kerala and all India Hindu Maha Sammelan conducted as part of them in Thiruvanamthapuram are contribution to Indian culture.When the effort of swamiji to issue a Hindu National Daily titled Punyabhoomi(sacred land) fructifies it will mark the beginning of Indian culture renaissance which is in no way different from hindu cultural renaissance.The greatness and multifarious activities of swamiji are inestimable