Jyotikshetram(Samadhimandapam)--Swamiji's View

Every morning I have a prayer after bath standing there.While praying a circular light forms through the horizon.The light mentioned is the light that lights up keeping the sky as the background at the place where the sky joins the sea.That is the light I see.Like keeping a lot of lighted lamps (Nilavilakku).lamps that lightup without movement.

To this side of the lights-this is something i remembered all of a sudden.I decided to enlarge it.When enlarged ,it looked like the lights of a chuttambalam,that reaches upto the horizon.I decided to develop it in a outwardly direction in the same way.I remain at the center and imagine the lights are around me.Then the lights will reach unto the horizon.The smallest one in that is the light in the center.The sanctum sanctorum at the center is Myself. This is the Jyotikshetram.

Countless lights lightup in it. Countless number of Jeevathmas are there; these lights represent them.Accepting the divinity of gurutvam of these,each Jeevathma is represented by each light in these forms,total representation of the jeevathmas ,centralised ,is it's lamp,each of them.That is the reason why it is brought from the respective holy places.Without depending on holy places or holy concepts no jeevathma can rise to the Paramathma level.

Hence,what is the meant as the representation of it is that all Jeevathmas that come inside the horizon , be concentrated (kendreekkarikkuka) in to it.So it is a cosmic horizon ,What has come to my mind after that is ,our eyesight is not capable of finding out the difference in it.So the part that develops after that is our western sea.The mot around signifies the sea.

There is a green grass cover on its bank.This represents the space between what was seen in the horizon and the sea.After that as we come nearer the lanscape upto the Jyothikeshetra is there.

The second green cover .Standing at the center of the Jyothikshetra ,when you look,there are two regions separated by the water body.If we see the water body as the sea ,the 2 regions separated form,one upto the horizon and other upto the Jyotikshetra.Both these grass meadowns are there.There is a Chuttambalam after that.The Jyotikshetram that is Chuttambalam is the concept of prayer formed as as prathheethi in our mind.

This is the pradikshina patham for our jeevea to enquire about the concept of God that stretches upto the limits of the horizon For jeeva to enquire after the godhood that stretches up to the limits of the horizon.,it is a pradakshina patham.It is an external (Overt) expression or symbol to realize that this is all pervading.In the views of the materialistic ways,jeevanaalangal that reach upto the horizon,are chaithanyam that is disaapearing beyond the landmass.

There is a horizon in our mind.That horizon is the end (Climax)of all expansions.It is chaithanya that is the basis for arriving that far.Otherwise it will not expand to that extent.While expanding, again,what we perceive when we arrive is saturated with the chaithanya of the same great souls or Guru tradition.There is no land beyond that .Thus the expansion from the state of mind to Chaithanya,when it reaches the limits of the horizon,the universe exists only within that.The Universe exists only within the horizon of cogniscence,including the Sun.what is exhibited here is a symbol of that.