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Satakodi Archana


Satakodi Archana (100 crore chants of mother godess) was held in 2000 AD starting January4 commemorating the birth centenary   of the sage extra-ordinaire Brahmasree Neelakanta Gurupadar.(1900-1965).This was the greatest yajna ever since the maha yajna at Naimisharranyam in Dwapara Yuga. Satakodi  Archana  was  also  aimed  at Invoking the divine inspiration and spiritual elevation among  people .  Developing   serene state of mind in man Developing a structurally disciplined and dharmatically motivated soceity. Achieving peace and well being of the whole world
This was the greatest yajna  ever since the Maha  Yajna at  Naimisharanyam in Dwapara  Yuga by Veda Vyasa commenced on the 4th of January 2000 at Sree Rama Dasa Ashram  in  Chenkottukonam,  Thiruvananthapuram,  Kerala,  India  under  the  guidance of  Swami  Sathyananda     Saraswathy     Thiruvadikal.   This    Maha   Yagna    was   conducted  to  commemorate  the  birth  centinary  of  the  great  sage   BRAHMA SREE NEELAKANTA  GURUPADAR. Swami Sathyananda  Saraswathy Thiruvadikal, the founder of Sree Rama Dasa Mission  inaugurated this 100 Crore Archana (1 Billion offerings) by lighting the sacred amp at 6.30  AM IST.  A  crore  of  offerings  were  made to the goddess each day until  its completion.  Decorated charriot processions brought in sacred lamps from  501 most significant temples  all over India to start this Yagna. These temples include Dwaraka, Kashi, Badari, Kalighatt,  Ayodhya etc.

Mission Secretary Brahmachari Sree Santhoshji lead the procession into the Ashram. Last such Archana   was conducted in Uttar Pradesh in Dwapara Yuga during 5000 BC.Yagna is conducted in specially constructed hall that can accomodate 10,000 yagnicsat the same same. Specially trained Yagnics  w  days  of  strict   religious practices to be eligible to particiapate in this Yagna.Farmers  in  and  around the country had specially planted fruits and vegetables prepared for over an year  for  this  Krishi  pooja.  Food  grains  and  vegetables were carried to the Ashram in a religious procession. Devotees all over the world attended the Yagna.    Scientistists and researchers  from all over the world attended and this Yagna to study the impact of this Yagna on various aspects. Yagna   was completed with the spiritual participation of Devotees under direct guidance of Sree Narayanji Maharaj and Sree Swami Sathyananda Saraswathi . Lots of devotees joined the Archana from Pune.

Massive infrastructure development was undertaken for the succesful completion of the  project. Construction of Avatara  Satabdi monumets --101 feet Panchaloha Vigraham of  Lord Anjaneya at Sree  Rama Dasa Asram at Badalapur, Mumbai and Sree Neelakanta  Gurupada    Avatara     Satabdi      Smaraka    Jyotikshetram   at  Sree   Neela   Kanta  Puram,Chenkottukonam, Thiruvanathapuram were started.  Jyotikshetram is to preserve  for the posterity  501  jyothis   brought  from  across  spiritual  centers  across Bharath.  Jyotikshetram   has  7   floors   symbolising   the   saptalokas   and  saptachakras, an octogonal gallery displaying the 16,000 lines of Adyatma Ramayanam on 14,500 square  feet of black granite.500 families and religious institutions will the patrons of the 500   lamps for generations to come.

Special training was given to more than 5000 people to chant Lalita Shasra Namam.Akhanda (un-interrupted and round-the-clock) archana was done to sactify idols,small replicas of   Asram   idols , lockets, talisman  and  other offerings.Viraja Homam was conducted    from  dawn -to- deskeveryday   during  the  duration  of  Yajna to bestow Sanyas on the eligible.Ramayana recital,aradhana and bhajans were conducted every day during the duration of Yajna.  Sree  Rama  Pattabhishekam  was  conducted  on important days during the  duration  of Yajna.  This pooja was followed by a 200 crore 

Siva  Dattatreya archana at Narayanpur in Pune under the combined spiritual guidance  of  both      Sree Narayanji Maharaj  (Anna)  and  Sree  Swami  Sathyananda Saraswathy  Maharaj, completing a total sum of 3 Billion chants in the same year - Thus making it  happen in the first time in the history of mankind !

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